Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Right before Erik started walking I distinctly remember wondering what it was going to be like to have two kids walking... But now that Reesiepiece is only a couple steps away from stepping out... I can't wait! I'll have FIVE kids walking. Hard to believe... because I swear Erik was learning to walk only months ago. Time passes so fast. 

(Ha! It's funny to be talking about Erik and walking today - because he sprained his ankle at school playing basketball. He came home with a melted ice pack tucked into his sock.) 

We're loving having Reesie in this stage. When she takes little steps we cheer. And she gets such a thrill from standing up all by herself. Sometimes she'll stand up long enough to get us all looking, and then plop herself down on purpose. I sometimes wonder if it's just so she can see our reaction. (We love this baby!)


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