Monday, November 14, 2016

Fort Pajama

On Sunday, Robs built a fort on our bed. She used every blanket, and every pillow she could find and called it her "PAJAMA FORT." She even found a red dish towel and fixed it on a pole so she could "wave her colors." It was fantastic - and the younger girls were practically beside themselves with the perfection of it all. (Sunday morning and fort building is a match made in heaven.)

I will always remember the day I found out Robs was a girl. I was elated. (I'd had an inkling all along that I was carrying my girl.) I would have been just as happy to have a boy at the start, of course, but I'd always wanted a girl! And my little Robs is everything I ever wanted. Happy. Brilliant. Creative. Kind. Bossy, in the best sense of the word. And an amazing builder of forts.

The girls played for at least a half an hour. Each of them took different roles and played their little hearts out - until Steve stumbled on the scene. And took to bombing it with all the stuffed animals he could find. (Thanks to Mae we have quite the collection!) 

We haven't had such a fun Sunday morning in a long time! (Erik came up to join the fun too... but my camera battery had died by then.)

I love families. I love how each family has a different dynamic - and every member of the family matters. It's the best way to organize people, and still make sure every person gets the attention and love they need. It's genius and it's, so. very. fun.

After several rounds of bombing, Steve took the kids downstairs to write a treaty. He used his "bad guy" signature, and had each of the kids sign their names to represent the peace agreement. (It was about time to get ready for church... so we needed to find a deal quickly.) Mems signed hers too, although hers looked more like a drawing with a happy little face and stick arms. 


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