Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Afternoons in the sun.

We've had such beautiful weather this Fall. (It's almost halfway through November, and for the last week we've had sixty degree weather. It's going to be so difficult to accept the cold when it finally comes!)

The past week I've been reminding the girls how important it is to get outside and play. Playing indoors is no problem - both of them have imaginations that are larger than life - but with this nice weather I've almost felt like we need to save the imaginative indoor play for when it's our only option. So I've kicked these girls outside every day this week. 

And we've been having so. much. fun! We've all loved our outdoor time. I've loved talking with these girls. And listening to them play. (I've also been wondering where in heaven's name my babies have gone?) I look at their sweet little faces, and want to burst at how fast they're growing. (Parenting is such a mix of every emotion. I love the people they're becoming - but I can't help but wish to have them tiny and in my arms again!) I love these girls!

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