Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Family Home Eveneeng.

Last evening we went to the amphitheater down the road a little ways, and ran wherever our feet would carry us. It was delightful. Eventually.

But before it was delightful, it just wasn't. Someone pinched someone else. And then that someone else bit someone on the shoulder, which started a volcanic argument that lasted for the entire four minute drive. And then within minutes of arriving, someone else bumped their shin, which left a mark. 

Our uplifting thought for the evening was "Don't hate other people" which I tried to change into something like "Love everyone!" but all that positivity landed on the flat rocky ground... and stayed there. So I tried to remind them that Reesie was watching their every move...

Because she was. And she was enthralled. She politely gave me one glance, and then looked arrrrround the camera to see what the other kids were up to. (Please don't grow so fast, Reesiepeesie.) 

It was grumps, interspersed with teasing, mixed with sassy remarks. None of it was my favorite. (And to be honest, I'd kind of given up.) But on our walk to the car, I forced a game of tree tag. (My dad used to use that trick.) And it worked like a charm. 

(After someone got upset because they felt they were unjustly tagged. And after Mems took a spill, pell-mell down a hill.)

But our ride home was chirpy instead of whiny. And happy. (So I'm putting it down as a win.)


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