Thursday, July 14, 2016

Five and a 1/2

Our neighbor's family comes to visit every summer. Which is so fun for her - but lucky us, the fun spills over into our yard too. It's cousin city for about a week and a half, and my pirates love it. (Faux cousins for us... although this year I'm pretty sure my pirates were wishing they were real cousins.)

Blow up slides. Slip and Slides. Otter pops. Bikes, all day. Dolls and Dollhouses. Trampoline tricks. Races of all sorts. Scooters. Tag. Late night games. Dance Parties. Orange Dreamsicles. It's literally one of the highlights of their summer.

But this summer they were here on Mae's half birthday. (We don't normally celebrate half birthdays - but we were just coming off of my birthday, followed by Robyn's birthday, followed by Erik's birthday - and Mae was singing the blues that her birthday is all by it's lonesome in January.) So we made cupcakes, and celebrated a faux birthday with our faux cousins. 


Happy half-birthday Mae! We love and adore you. 
(You're literally the sweetest little five and a half year old I have ever met.)


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