Wednesday, March 11, 2015

spot on.

Last week I took the girls out for a run with me in the morning. It was beautiful. It wasn't warm, but it wasn't too cold either. Squísh had a cough (but Em didn't) so I had them bundled instead of using the stroller bubble. At the end, we came to the top of our hill. I could have turned to go home or gone straight to add another mile - but it started to snow. Lightly. So we turned to go home. As we walked down the hill, it started snowing more. I pushed the stroller onto the driveway. It was dusted with snow. I opened the garage. We were being pelted with snowflakes! I took Em out of the stroller and we looked at the snow come down. Squísh ran around in it squealing, for a bit, and then we walked inside. But then only a couple minutes later we looked outside and everywhere we'd just been was covered in snow. 

Our timing was spot on. Minutes later, and we would have been well into our last mile. Minutes earlier, and we would have had to slip and slide our way home. I had to laugh! I love things like this.


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