Thursday, January 15, 2015

squísh's birthday

The night before Squísh's birthday... we were up all. night. long. Em caught some kind of bug that kindly emptied her stomach - four times. I've never seen a baby do that before. I think it was the saddest thing I've ever seen. Luckily Steve was home to help with the morning, and the pirates were only a bit late to school. It was a miracle, because at ten minutes to school we were still snoozing... 

But when we did come downstairs, Squísh came down to a party of toys. She thought it was great - but didn't love it until later in the day when she found out the banner said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Her little eyes sparkled when she realized it was specifically for her!

After taking the pirates to school, Squísh had dance. (Having her birthday on the same day as dance was a little cherry on top of her day! She loves it so much.) After class she passed out little "Happy Birthday" bags to all the girlies. (She was so quick about it and made it seem like 'no big deal' but the girl had been looking forward to it all morning!)

And then my Squíshiroo and I went to pick out a cake with pink and yellow flowers. And strawberry ice cream. And four yellow balloons, plus a giant "four." (The "four " was as tall as she was!) And the rest of the day flew by in a blur. 

We're fortunate to be surrounded by family. The lucky little girl had two sets of grandparents stop by and a whole gaggle of aunts, uncles and cousins. At one point she whispered to me in amazement: "Mom! People just keep bringing me presents!" It cracked me up, and I sent a heart full of gratitude up to the good heavens above. (Em was sleeping off the previous night during the birthday celebrations.)

Happy Birthday SquíshiMae!

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  1. She's so cute. You can just see her personality in the pictures you capture! What a doll. (And do I see Caroline's outfit being unwrapped in the last picture? Did you know American Girl is based here in Madison? I have a good friend who works for them as a designer and she designed that very outfit!)