Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Squísh!

How did I go from this tiny baby?
To this graceful, fiery four year old? IN ONE BLINK? 

I'd need more words than I have to describe my love for this child. She is so fun - she runs through the house like a fire bolt, and tells jokes that make our family laugh. She pushes every button she finds, and teases and taunts like it's her sole purpose in life. She can turn an afternoon into a thrill ride quicker than anyone I know. But she's also extremely caring and kind. She watches Em like a hawk, and loves her endless amounts. She surprised me a couple days ago, when she shared her beloved horse with our Em, "because she's our baby, Mom!" (She did threaten to take the horse away if Em couldn't keep her 'goo' to herself.) When I asked what dinner she wanted for her birthday, and she said "Spaghetti, so Erik will be happy. I love to make Erik happy." She's thoughtful, she notices little things and tries to think ahead. It makes me love her even more. And she's so excited to be four. Happy Birthday SquíshiMae. We love you entirely.


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