Monday, January 26, 2015


Yesterday was a little crazy at the start. But if I were to be real, I'd say that lately whole days have been a little crazy. I think we're transitioning into an 'older' family, with 'older' children - but I'm not sure if I'm quite that mother who knows how to handle all the 'older-ness'.  Yet, at least. I'm learning. I've happily raised these darlings to be independent, but now they have their own strong opinions on what time they need to get ready, what clothes they want to wear, and how they want their hair styled. Sometimes our strong opinions bump into each other... and make mornings crazy. 

I remember my mom telling me about these days... back (two minutes ago) when I'd tell her how crazy it was to have a couple toddlers running amuck. 

I do believe we'll figure it out though. And I do believe I'll learn how to be that mom. (Hopefully this week.)


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