Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Friday!

Happy Friday to the whole world! This week went so fast! On Wednesday I went on a museum field trip with Robs. I loved being a fly on the wall in a world where I don't normally get to be. It sometimes seems, when this darling of mine is at home, she wants to be as old or mature as she can possibly be. Which is so nice in the moments I need a third or fourth hand, but I also like to see her be eight! It was fun to watch her relax, forget I was there, play with friends, and explore the museum like a third grader - not like an older sister. 

We had a group of five third graders. Robs, one of her best friends Lily, and three crazy boys. Lily doesn't live too far from us, and Lily's mom and I run together, so it was fun to spend the morning with the two girls. I can't slow down time, but I can try and enjoy the quick minutes I have!

And speaking of slowing down time? This chickie needs to cool it. She figured out how to wiggle around and take in the sights from the back end of the stroller by sticking her face through the gap in the back. Every one of my pirates have done it, and I have laughed every time!

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