Tuesday, December 23, 2014

the monday winter decided to come

Our family had an assignment to clean the church. (But I had family visiting - so we brought them all along too.) It was freezing cold and the wind was howling (...like this swirling storm?) Squísh wore her Elsa dress, and paused on her way in to the building to make sure the cape did what capes are supposed to do. (It did, and it was adorable.) As we were vacuuming, the pirates wanted to take a turn speaking into the microphone, and I agreed to let them - under one condition... that they sing me a beautiful song. Erik and Robs laughed, but Squísh told me she would. I turned on the microphone and she sang me the sweetest "Away in a Manger." (She knew all the words!) This three year old o' mine can be the queen of stinks... and then turn around to be the queen of ohmygoodnessgraciousadorable!  (Away in a Manger is her favorite.)

 After finishing everything - we played dodgeball. Boys versus girls. And the girls didn't win anything until the last round, where it was my sister Jenn (and her unborn child) versus Erik (who was holding a ball twice his circumference.) It was terribly fun.


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