Friday, December 19, 2014

reindeers and blue dresses

On Thursday night we went to see Christmas Lights. After a quick dinner, we picked up Robs from dance and then drove to see the lights. Erik made it clear that he did not want to go. Extremely clear. I think it had everything to do with seeing the lights up in Salt Lake last year. (That child o' mine does not like crowds, and it didn't leave him with stellar memories.) But we went anyway... and five minutes into it he was saying things like "THIS IS AMAZING!" and "LOOOOOOK!! WOW!" We let the pirates look out the sunroof, and drove past (at all of three miles per hour) tin soldiers shooting cannons, and gingerbread men doing flips, polar bears, a T-Rex, giant flowers, a snowmobile... even Em was oohing and ahhing from her seat. 

And then (because it's Christmas and we love to have fun) we stopped to see reindeer, walk through a Christmas tree forest, get ice cream and see a real ELSA in her pretty blue dress. (It was a highlight of my Squísh's life.)  I wish I could have captured the look on her face - it was two worlds colliding. At first she didn't want to talk, but then she changed her mind. Robs was a doll, and walked up with her so she wouldn't be scared. (But I think Robs loved it as well - eight is one of those difficult ages! She's wanting to stretch her wings a bit more, but at the same time she wants to hold onto being small.) Afterwards Squish told me "I thought Elsa was mean, but she's actually really nice!" 


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