Monday, November 24, 2014

these dollies.

These two can be a handful sometimes. They're both fiesty and strong-willed. But they absolutely adore each other. Squísh lives for Robs' games. They're always fun, and they're always filled with the details and voices that make imagination so believable. Robs asks "do you want to play animals?" and Squísh is on it, yesterday. 

Last week we did a photo shoot with Robs. Squísh watched as Robs twirled and smiled and posed - and I could tell Squísh was aching for an excuse to photographed. She would sneak into the shots, or run past the camera and giggle like a house elf. At one point she scooted herself along the floor until she was right below Robs and then looked up. (I'd been watching her.) Robs looked down, and angels sang. It was so perfect. (And I got the shot!)

Afterwards, she plopped herself down on the ottoman with Robs and fell into a great big hug. These two fight like two kitty cats sometimes... but good golly, they are the sweetest little people. And I am  absolutely the luckiest to call them mine.

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