Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Today was a long day! Friends, cousins, swimming, bike riding, running, reading - all the awesome of summer packed into one Friday. So, at nine o' clock I had the pirates come inside to take a shower. They washed as fast as they possibly could and were back outside within a half an hour to watch the fireworks at the park next to our house. Squísh, I'm pretty sure, loves the idea of fireworks. And she loves it when she catches one or two as they explode off in the distance. But when the kaboom rattled her bones from only one hundred feet away - she decided she didn't love them anymore and took her pretty little self inside.  Erikboy felt similar. But he gave them a couple minutes longer until one stray firework shot right past him and started some dry grass on fire. I think it set him on edge. (Understandable, when you're five.)

Robs and Em were just fine. About halfway through, Robs started collecting the spent firework canisters after they'd dropped from the sky, and called them souvenirs. Every now and then she'd come ask in a whisper if these crazy fireworks were going to set everything on fire. I'd respond with a no, but in the back of my mind I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. These poor pirates... 

...Their mother loves fireworks!
(Someday they'll grow into them.)

Happy Fourth of July! God Bless America! 


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