Monday, June 9, 2014

Florida, Part One

Florida started the night before Em and I actually got on the plane. We dropped the pirates off at my mom's house, and they were so excited! They ran straight to the basement bedroom - and their three beds lined in a row. I said good night and good bye and heard them giggling as I walked down the hall. 

On Tuesday morning, my sister Chelle, Em and I boarded Flight 3683. It was Em's first flight ever, but she handled the cramped space well and slept through most of it. We landed in Denver, and then again in Ft. Lauderdale... where it was warm and beachy, with palm trees everywhere. (Palm trees! So exotic!)

I don't know if Em approved of all the change all at once. After arriving in Florida, there were a couple times I saw her eyes get so big as she looked at everything. She's always been an observant baby, but I didn't realize just how much she takes in! In between the time we landed and the time I finally put her to bed, she pulled so many new faces. This mildly disconcerted one was the most popular...

My sister Jenn came to pick us up. Chelle and I joked how she'd be driving like a Floridian... and she was! (Minus the crazy use of the horn - she still has all summer to learn.) We drove to Coral Gables and laughed our way through her adventures involving cockroaches and a refrigerator repair. (Oh, the South!) We dropped off our luggage at her darling apartment (...hardwood throughout!) and then walked to meet my brother-in-law and get dinner. 

It was so good to see Jenn and Chris. They're both the type of people that are so easy to love: charming, fun, creative, interesting... I could go on and on. Later that evening, when Em threw up in the Target check out lane, I was so glad it was them I was visiting. Chris took Em (whilst I cleaned up) and then made a joke about purchasing paper towels (they really were!) at just the perfect time. 

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  1. What a fun trip! I just buzzed through all your posts about Florida and wow. I know you were in heaven. And your little travel buddy is too cute!