Sunday, June 22, 2014

And then life takes over...

...and everything else kind of takes a backseat. 

I have other blog posts I'm working on, but Em is teething. It means I spend my days reassuring her it'll pass, as I hand her soft objects to gnaw. But even with my hands full, this summer is, so far, my most favorite. Our mornings are structured, our afternoons are fun, and our evenings are relaxed. I hold a baby through all of it, but it's dreamy. 

The pirates are doing chores every day. Most days they don't love it - but they're used to it now, and don't balk at things like folding a basket of laundry, vacuuming the stairs or mopping the kitchen floor. (Mopping is high on the list of favorites.) Officially, Squísh doesn't have any required chores to complete - but last week she asked for one and I obliged. 

We got a bubble machine. (Why didn't I get one sooner? They're amazing.) We ride bikes. We play in the sprinklers. We take swim lessons. We build forts. We play with friends. We drink smoothies. We color. It's magic... all of it. It's simple. It's our summer, and I love it.