Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break Thursday!

After breakfast on Thursday we went back to our room and found a duck sitting on the edge of the pool. My three pirates tried to cram their furry heads into six inches of space to see it... and it made me laugh. We wanted to get a better look though, so we checked the room for anything left behind, said goodbye to the elevator, and tried sneaking up on the duck - but by the tme he'd already flown away. (I'm glad I hadn't seen him before we swam in the pool. I'm also glad for chlorine.)

We listened to The Boxcar Children for most of the drive home. (And then watched Charlotte's Web... two classics in one day!) We had to stop twice to let Erikboy use the restroom - and Em only got antsy at the very end of the drive. It was so easy though... and so fun. I see more St. George in my future. 

And then for the rest of Thursday afternoon we worked. I cleaned inside and unpacked. Steve cleaned the car, both inside and out - and then we set up our trampoline! The pirates were practically beside themselves! A duck, a road trip, St. George, and a trampoline... all in one day. 


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