Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Three reasons I love Squísh:

1. On our way home from the store she hung an Ariel doll out the window. As we pulled into the garage she looked her over. "Ariel," I heard her say, "your beautiful hair is cuh-razy."

2. Yesterday afternoon I stepped outside to find the pirates. Squísh was two houses down, but started barreling towards me on her tricycle. "Mom!" she screamed, "YOU LOOK SO CUTE!"

3. Yesterday as we were about to make dinner - I put my hair in a pony tail. Squísh was playing on the floor. She glanced up at me and said my hair looked short. I laughed. But she kept staring at me and said it again. With this little look on her face she asked if I'd cut it. I said no, but apparently I wasn't convincing. "Mom," she said, "Will you turn around so I can see your pony tail?" I showed her and she laughed. "It looked short, Mom. I thought you cut it." ...And then she went back to playing.

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  1. This little girl sounds divine. Wish I could meet her in person :)