Tuesday, March 25, 2014

love me some

On normal days we send Robs and Erikboy to school. At home we cut an apple for Squísh, bundle Em in blankets, tuck them both into the stroller, and weave our way through at least four miles of neighborhoods. It's fun, and I love it. 

But yesterday on the way home from school Squísh told me that she did not want to go on a run - in fact the thought of it disgusted her. (She let me know right before we got home.) "But it's gorgeous outside..." I said. (She said that didn't matter.) "We can pack a peppermint patty for your snack..." I said. (She didn't even blink.) Which meant she was for real. The girl has a soft spot for peppermint patties. 

So we stayed home. Truth is, I'd been up almost all of the night before and my one-true-Christmas-wish was a nap. So when Em fell asleep, I tempted Squísh with Dora, and set a timer for twenty-seven minutes.

Seven minutes later, though, Squísh was finished with that particular Dora. "Mom," she whispered, "I want a different Dora." I woke up, we chose another one, and I went back to sleep. Four minutes later my Squísh was whispering again. "...I don't want to watch Dora. I want to play a game." She chose a game. I went to back to sleep. When she whispered about not knowing how to play the game I realized it was futile. And then my alarm went off. Blech.

I made my bed, got ready for the day, and started on the work I should have already been doing... Squísh followed me downstairs. "Mom," she said, "When are we going to go on a run?"

"Oh. My." It was an off type of morning. But then Em slept for three hours straight... so in a way it was right on.

...Sure do love me some real motherhood.


  1. Oh Christine. I love your blog entries. So funny. So cute. So real. You are a great example to me of finding joy in motherhood!.. something I'm striving to be better at. So thank you!

  2. Stiz! I love your hair! how did you do the back?