Monday, March 17, 2014

puffy coats

Apparently, there is a picture (somewhere in my mother's archive) of myself in a giant pink puffy coat wearing pink rimmed plastic glasses. (I believe I'm laying in the snow - and our slightly crazed childhood dog, also pictured, might have had something to do with the unfortunate pose. I can't remember exactly...) But my brother loves to bring the image to our mental forefronts anytime I need a refresher of how intrinsically cool I actually am.

So when I saw this picture of Robs on my phone - I laughed. It was like seeing history happily repeat itself without the crazed canine. 

This past weekend we cut Robs' hair - and it looks adorable. At seven, I don't think I ever looked as sweet as she does. But on Sunday morning after getting ready for church, I heard her playing the piano before we left. I've been trying to keep up with her (I'm trying to teach myself as she learns) but she's slowly pulling ahead - and I love how it sounds! All at once I realized - she's seven, and already she's good at working for what she wants. And she's sweet. And incredibly cute... History took the pink coat and made it better - my girl actually is intrinsically cool.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that hair on her. Both my girls have had a similar cut (Nora at 4 and Sophie at 9) and I just love it. I am trying to get Nora to cut her hair like that this summer but she has yet to agree. And isn't it amazing how much cuter our kids are then we were? I look at pictures of myself at my girls' ages and it's so funny. I also had glasses (paired with short frizzy hair and buck teeth...) But sometimes I wonder if they will look back at pictures and think they look funny, because I'm sure our mothers thought we were adorable, right? :)