Sunday, March 30, 2014 was a great little weekend.

On Friday Em discovered her bow, and laughed when she pulled it off. I found three pirates in the window corner of my room. (They were all quite captivated - and didn't notice me hovering above...) Now that he can actually read the words, Erikboy is re-discovering all our books. Squísh is crazy about books as well - and Erikboy uses it as a bargaining tool for when they want to read the same book. I hear him say several times a day "No, Squísh, I can read it to you!" (It's entirely adorable - and it diffuses what used to be an inevitable argument - which makes me love the arrangement even more.)

On Saturday Steve took the three pirates to a Spring Scrimmage. Squísh popped into my room as I was waking up. "Mom," she said, "We're going to BIU. That's a place. Costco is going to be there." The four of them donned hats, packed our one token "BIU" blanket and went to watch football. (Steve told me later the pirates didn't looove the football, but they were big fans of the stadium steps.)

While they were gone, Em and I ran fourteen miles. (Her first double digits!) She slept for about half of it and never cried at all. I was so impressed. I wanted to cry though, when a good headwind picked up at mile ten and used the stroller as a sail... 

On Saturday night Robs, Em and I went to the General Women's Session of General Conference. It was for girls age eight and up, but Robs is so close to eight that I brought her anyway. I figured it was history in the making, and I'm a sucker for anything mother/daughter. But mostly I wanted her to remember that very first time she came to the women's session of conference was also the very first year eight year olds were included. Having my Robs there made everything that much more meaningful. It's exciting to think both she and I will be going to every one of these from now on! 


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