Thursday, March 27, 2014

good ol' fashioned...

The neighbor behind us just got a brand new trampoline on Monday - and the past four days have been almost more than Erikboy can bear. He walks past the kitchen window and pauses. He stares out of my bedroom window. He lingers by the back door - and every now and then I hear him groan. "Moooooomm... Can we set up our trampoline?" (Our trampoline is hibernating under our deck.)

My pirates are learning patience. (Erikboy especially.) And sometimes patience is painful... I'm thinking it's more painful now than it was when I was their ages, as almost everything is so instantly gratified. But to be entirely honest, I'm kind of enjoying it. In one of his particularly intense window moments this past week, I asked him to please go get my wand. (Stat!) He tossed me a look and told me I didn't have a wand. "Ohhhhh...." I said, "Bummer!" (He found it slightly irritating.) (I chuckled in my head.) I love patience. 

But I love my pirates even more. 
(Some days I can't believe I have four!)

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  1. Could be worse…could be a pool! ugh. Unless it's my pool and then it would be AWESOME cuz it would be 'our' pool. Such a good plan!!