Thursday, March 20, 2014


Squísh has an entourage right now: two bears, a frog that shakes, a mermaid and a book. They go everywhere with us. It worked for a while, until our transitions started getting hairy - those little hands can only hold so much... but then we found the red purse and life went back to awesome. She slings the bag over her shoulder and off we go.

Yesterday I had to feed Em. She packed up her bag in the kitchen, and we walked upstairs to my room. We both settled into the pillows and Squísh unpacked. She took out the frog and pulled the string that makes him shake. "Mom," she said while pulling the string "this frog shakes like a fallcano. Watch."

I watched. "See Mom? This frog shakes like a fallcano. But I will save you." 

Several weeks ago we had a discussion on earthquakes - and I think it left an unparalleled impression. But I told her she was the bravest, sweetest three year old I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. And then we discussed earthquakes versus fallcanoes. And according to my brave, sweet three year old - fallcanoes and earthquakes are the exact same thing: they both bring hot laba.

For the record, I believe hot laba started with Robs and Erikboy on a snowy, cold, afternoon- but Squísh takes it seriously. Any surface deemed as hot laba is COMPLETELY OFF LIMITS until she's been given hot laba boots or the surface has cooled. So yesterday's mention of hot laba - got her hopping around. We talked as she dodged the hot laba. I cheered as she jumped the hot laba... and I thanked her for bravely saving both Em and myself several different times. On a scale of one to adorable - she was in uncharted territory. 


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