Tuesday, February 25, 2014

walking the plank

We have lots of wood left over from when I removed the lower portion of our deck. Two weeks ago I walked past the pile with Steve and mentioned how, as a kid, I would have been all over it. (Endless opportunity! Enormous potential! Raw building supplies!) However it has sat untouched for over a year now. Which... is probably good for all the politically correct reasons out there, and perfect yards probably shouldn't contain piles of wood. But for the love - you're only a kid once! So when yesterday turned out to be the most gorgeous day of our year so far (we're loving this faux February thaw) I asked Squísh if she wanted to build a teeter-totter. "YESSSS!!" she said. So we did. Erikboy came to investigate, followed by Robs (who had just put away her watercolors.) It was fun, (but the pirates were so grumpy) so when Steve came home the game changed from teeter-tottering to walking-the-plank. (Which was fitting... I thought.)

(Steve wasn't grumpy, though- he was squinting in the sunlight.) But when the game changed to walking-the-plank, Squísh excused herself back inside. And when I came in to finish dinner, I found she'd been watching us from her perch the whole time.

This is our life. It has piles of wood. And grumpy pirates. And shorts in February, and neon shoelaces with wool socks. It also has three year olds. And lately, I'm tired of going for perfect. I think I prefer the raw building supplies and endless opportunity...

It's more fun that way.

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  1. LOL! That is an outfit! I had a pile of wood when I was little too. That's where I gained my love for interior design. HAHA! You need to buy a box of nails and give those kids a hammer. Okay, thinking about this now, I can think of a zillion ways that could lead to trouble. Maybe don't give them the nails and hammer unless they have parental supervision. Oh what fun!