Monday, February 24, 2014

the auntie ante

Last week I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She told me how she'd needed a break from the doldrums of winter, not to mention winter life - but mostly needed a chance to remind herself (and her children) that she was actually fun. They took a weekend getaway. But then as she sat on a sled at the top of a very tall hill, she had to remind herself more than once... "I'm fun. I'm fun. I'm fun."

It cracked me up. And inspired me. I try to be a fun little mother too. But dishes sometimes get in my way... and pesky homework assignments - and for the love, our never-ending laundry. But every so often I ignore it all. And although our trip to IKEA was in no way similar to a weekend getaway - or an exciting sled ride... it was the wind in our hair and a couple squeals of laughter. 

But I have my work cut out for me. Because being a fun mom is one thing... but having a fun auntie ups almost every ante. Especially when she's impossibly fun like this one...

(Not pictured, but present: my pirates' fun grandma who rode the carts too.)


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