Thursday, February 6, 2014

simba, nala, Squísh and my dad

Yesterday I picked up Erikboy from school. He had a project that required poster board (I have none) and several (or one hundred) items capable of being glued. We have plenty of items... but my mom has a closet full of those things. So I called my mom's phone. She didn't answer. I called my dad's phone - "Mom's answering service," he said, "how can I help you?" I asked if they were home. He said they were, and then I heard my mom in the background ask him to ask us if we wanted lunch. "Would you like some lunch?" my dad asked.

Of course we wanted lunch.

Six minutes later Erik jumped out of the car and bolted to the door. Squísh took her time (she had to gather her things) and I carried in Em and her car seat. My dad came to greet us at the door (He always does. I love him for it.) and he took a look at Squísh's gathered things. She showed him her favorite book. (Currently the Lion King.) He asked if he could read it to her. She said yes and beelined for the chair. She carries the Lion King almost everywhere we go, just in case we come across a spare minute that needs filling... and she wasn't about to let this one pass her by.


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