Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a memorable mix.

Sunday was Emerdiddylou's blessing. It was gorgeous. The weather was beautiful. She wore a darling white dress. She had both grandpas and almost every uncle she could think of (minus two very important ones) and Erikboy was beaming with pride. (He loves her.) It was everything a blessing day should be...

...Including a bit crazy. I'd started an hour earlier than usual, and got the pirates dressed. I got myself dressed. I fed Em with plenty of time to spare... and then my darling Erikboy, refused to go to church. (Even the best laid plans...) We coaxed, cajoled, and insisted - until he reluctantly agreed. It took longer than we'd planned (Because we didn't plan.) and with four minutes to spare, I bundled Em in a blanket and dashed to church.

We squeezed into the last remaining seats on our family's pew. I took a breath.

And in the second verse of the opening song- I realized I'd forgotten to re-button my shirt. (Luckily Em had me covered.)

In the third verse - I realized I was still wearing my loafers. (Em couldn't do a single thing about that one...)

I laughed - and figured I'd remember this one for the rest of my life.

After church I planned on getting a photo - as the sheer amount of family surrounding our sweet little Em was something to remember. But Erikboy melted once more. (Only this time it was a bit more public.) And Squísh pulled some tricks of her own. 

So we took a selfie at home. And got this one: a memorable mix of gorgeous and crazy. 

I love us.

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  1. Such a lovely family! How awesome to have so many family members around you. And to make you feel better when my mother in law had 7 children and her husband was the bishop she once went to church bra-less. :)