Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Squísh is three!

We've been talking about turning three for months now. So when Squísh woke up this morning and realized she was actually three - she could hardly contain her excitement!

And that was before she saw the balloons and the party blowers. It only got better from there. 

All day long we wished her happy birthday. (It only comes but once a year!) And every time we wished her 'Happy Birthday!' she'd wish it right back. She's adorable. And delightful, and she's my Squísh.

My most favorite part of the day was picking out her cake. She and I went to the store to find one with "pink on it," and we found a couple. She was equally excited with all of them - but decided on the single layer, with dinosaur sprinkles. We purchased the cake and walked out hand in hand. Halfway to our car, she looked up at me with her baby blue eyes and said, "It's my birthday, Mom." And I decided to remember the moment forever. (The sun was shining too - which made it all that more remarkable.)

I love everything about this girl. Happy Birthday Squísh!


  1. So sweet! Happy birthday cute girl :)

  2. She is simply adorable! Good luck potty training - such a chore! But with a brand new baby I'm sure it's on the back burner for now. What a fun birthday... kids are so easily thrilled; balloons, blowers, cake and they are in heaven. And for some reason I noticed your hubby has a coat on in the group shot... was it cold in there or maybe he just got home? It made me laugh (then again it is getting pretty late) :)

  3. Hooray for birthdays! Happy birthday! Your family is adorable!