Friday, January 17, 2014

cooing babies and giggling toddlers.

Yesterday I caught Squísh sneaking a kiss on Em's lippity-lips. (Squísh's smooches are lovely.) But I died laughing inside, because Em's lips were covered in spit bubbles. I waited to see what Squísh, our Queen of "NOOOOOO!! DON'T GET ME WET!" would say, but she didn't seem to mind.

That extra smooch must have been something, because Em started talking to us! She's been hinting at it for a couple days, but yesterday, for the very first time she gave us whole paragraphs. (I love love love love love this stage!) Squísh thought it was fantastic too. She's been asking when Em would start talking, and I've been telling her we have to have patience. (I'm pretty sure she planned on hearing actual words.) But when Em cooed at us with that soul-filled baby voice... Squísh was Over. The. Moon. She giggled, and giggled until she couldn't giggle any more, and even then Em kept her laughing. It was entirely darling.

(It made all of those glorious two point five hours of sleep I've had since November pale in comparison.) Be honest. Nothing tops to a cooing baby and a giggling toddler. Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh so adorable! That baby girl is changing already. Baby talk is really one of the best things, they work so hard to get a sound out and it's the cutest thing ever. And toddler giggles definitely tie in cuteness with baby talk. So fun! Here's hoping you get a bit more sleep over the weekend!