Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I have never been so excited to see a new year come! We spent the afternoon playing at a park. Robs climbed to the very top of the thirty foot tower (with the help of two incredible uncles) and was so excited that she'd actually made it! 

After the park we went to my mom's house for pizza, conversation, and a game involving fifteen different types of chocolate bars. The pizza my sisters made was so ta-die-for. At nine-thirty I told the pirates we were sleeping over - they cheered - and ran downstairs to get ready for bed. We put them to sleep in my mom's bunk-room. (One room with four twin beds - it's got to be the coziest room I've ever known.)

The rest of us stayed up to watch a movie, and ring in the new year. It was a quiet welcome - but I was so glad to see it come! 2013 was not my favorite year. There were a couple times I could have done without - but then there were several experiences I'd never trade for anything. But we ended the year happy. I consider it a win.

Happy Twenty-Fourteen!


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