Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The pirates wake up at 7:30 in the morning. Robs is first - but she lounges in her covers for a while, talking to Erikboy in her sleepy voice until he has no choice but to wake up. Most days Squísh wakes up too... and they make a they make a pit-patting trio, turning on the lights as they go. I'm not too far behind, usually (because sleeping makes them hungry) - but I've learned they kind of like their mornings. They play LEGO's. They compose letters. They color pictures. They laugh. They cut millions of tiny papers that float around the kitchen until after I clean up breakfast. It's morning... their way. But one morning everything was backlit... and it looked dreamy.

Not all mornings are beautifully backlit. They argue sometimes too. Or fight over craft supplies. Or get cranky because they woke up... or were woken up too early. But things like that fade into distant memory and I let them go. Because I clean up breakfast after they're already off to school, and I melt over their letters, and drawings, and secret notes in secret languages. And millions of tiny papers.

I'm reading a parenting book right now, because this whole parenting thing sometimes sends me to Mars. It's so complicated. And detailed. And what works for one child doesn't necessarily work for another...

But I love it. And it's worth all the effort. Families are the only way we can learn some very important things. Like how to give. Or to really communicate. And families are the only way we get ourselves into difficult situations - where we learn to do difficult things for purely altruistic reasons. I find all of it  challenging, worthwhile, and amazing. 

And sometimes backlit.


  1. Oh Christine. This is beautiful. You sing the song I long to sing... and Em's yawn: absolutely adorable!

  2. Thank you. My soul needed that. So badly :)