Monday, October 21, 2013

twenty-one-thousand-one-hundred-twenty feet

We took the pirates on a four mile hike on Saturday. It was gorgeous. And sunny, with a slight chill - which I thought made perfect hiking weather. But one quarter of the way through, Robs melted into a little puddle - right there on the trail. I tried consoling words. I offered her a fruit snack. I held her hand, but she was bound and determined to turn around, go back, and never go hiking again. Ever. (It was at this point that Erikboy mentioned just how much he loved hiking... I love pirates.)

But at that same point I laughed at myself, and realized I really didn't know what to do. (You'd think after seven years of mothering...) But Robs was melting and we still had quite a ways to go. I couldn't see turning around, but I couldn't see the end of the fit either. And I knew Robs could finish the hike (I've seen her accomplish harder tasks.) So I took Squísh from Steve, handed him Robs with a smile, and kept hiking. He helped her find a restroom tree, and in his quiet, patient way, worked her right out of her puddle. By the time they caught up to us, she showed me a pretty leaf she'd found, and asked about the waterfall we'd see at the end of the hike.

The waterfall was pretty. The scenery was too. And the hike back was free of any kind of fits. Later in the day we discussed how four miles didn't sound like much at first, but it actually was a good distance. And then the pirates agreed they were proud they'd hiked the whole way. (...I was so glad we hadn't turned around. And so glad to have Steve.)

(I've had my eye on this meadow for quite some time. ...Next year's family pictures.)


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