Thursday, September 12, 2013

September, Football, and Fall.

This past summer we had a month from $#@*&%#. It was unique... as in, similar to no other time in my life. All of us were sick, Steve was out of town, bugs were coming out of my kitchen floor, and it was hotter than $#@*&%#. But in the middle of all that, Steve looked at BYU's schedule and saw they were playing Texas. He made an executive decision... and bought the tickets that very afternoon. (I remember thinking it was so far off... and that September would probably never come.)

But September came! And BYU played Texas! It was pouring rain on our way down - and I wondered if we'd actually make it. We picked up dinner and a poncho, and when the hour and fifty minute rain delay was up - we made it to the game! (In my mind it was almost an ending to $#@*&%# and a beginning of sing praises!... Fall.) But then BYU won. By a lot! Which meant the whole stadium was singing praises right along with us. (Mostly that Cougar Fight Song.) It was such a fun evening! 

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  1. Lucky you! I could hear you cheering all the way down here in Texas! BTW, congrats on the upcoming baby, I was surprised/happy to see your blog post about it...your babies are always so cute!