Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Squish and our auto.

For our couple weeks of misplaced / mold and bugs we stayed at my mom's house. She's an absolute saint for taking our entire family of five in with no notice at all. (Can you imagine guests coming to stay for two weeks, but only telling you fifteen minutes before they arrive?) I have never been so grateful to live close to family. 

But by the end of two weeks the pirates had started feeling all of our life's crazy. Squísh especially. Our house smelled like bug spray, saw dust, spray paint and ply-wood, and she was convinced we had no water. Several times she looked to where the kitchen sink should have been and threw her hands up in the air. She'd say something like "NO WATER!" and then quickly turn it into a question for me: "No water?" Robs and Erikboy handled the craziness just fine, but I could tell it was twisting and turning Squísh's two year old soul. 

So our auto became her favorite little place. It didn't smell like bug spray. Or ply-wood. And there wasn't any saw dust to be found. It was familiar. And as long as she had a bottle of water...


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