Thursday, August 15, 2013

hairs cut.

At the beginning of the summer we thought about cutting Robs' hair. But then June and July took off sprinting, and before we could turn around twice our summer was half over. But Robs was so patient. She waited, and waited, and waited - and remind me as I put her long hair in buns, and braids, and ponytails... It was SO hot this summer. So when August showed up we both agreed it really was time to cut her hair. On a quiet Sunday morning, she showed me the length she wanted, and then closed her eyes for the initial cut. She said she was nervous, but it was mostly excitement. She closed her eyes 'cause the girl loves a good surprise. Forty minutes later the cut was perfect... and I don't know if we'll ever go long again. (Looking at that picture makes me laugh - it was SO long!) I think the short hair fits my sassy, sweet, and lovely little Robs. 


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