Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of Second Grade!

This morning we ate muffins for breakfast. (Blueberry for Robs, apple for Erikboy and Squísh.) Robs decided on purple pants and her favorite turquoise tee. And then we drove to school because we were running just a teensy bit late. (But we got to school with plenty of time to spare - because it was only a teensy bit.) Robs is a Second Grader now, which means she gets to line up at the Second Grade door, and walk into her Second Grade classroom with her Second Grade teacher, and do everything SECOND GRADERS do. (I still can't believe it.) She wasn't the least bit nervous, and fell right in line as she hugged some friends from last year. (It's fun having friends from last year!) I'm so excited for her this year. Robs is lovely, and bright, and fun, and smart, and brave... and she's excited for the reading and the chapter books. (Library day means choosing two books this year!) Remember first grade? That was two seconds ago. And kindergarten? Yesterday. (How does time fly so fast?)


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