Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First day of Kindergarten

A couple weeks ago someone asked Erikboy if he was headed to kindergarten this year. He said it was something he planned on doing in the next couple years or so... (I love him more than words can describe.) But Erikboy's first day of Kindergarten was Tuesday, and on Monday night he was all sorts of nervous. We'd mention kindergarten, and his soul would start to puddle. (I wasn't worried though.) On Tuesday we picked out his favorite outfit, fed him some breakfast and rode our bikes to school. There was no apprehension anywhere. (He took all the jumps in the sidewalk as if it were no different than any other day.) After parking our bikes and walking to his class, he said goodbye, joined the line of kindergartners, and marched off with the bell without a backward glance. 

Squísh and I lingered a bit - because I missed him already. And because he's a joy and I kind of love having him around. And because I'd be just fine if nothing ever changed and he stayed small and mine forever... 

...but then in that exact same moment I was thrilled. Because he was so excited to go and fly on his own for a couple hours each day - with colors, and numbers, and blocks, not to mention an aquarium and a gerbil. I still don't know how five years went so fast, but when I went to pick him up he had a huge grin and three new friends.

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  1. What a champ! You, too, mama! This mothering thing never ceases to surprise me. I never once believed that while I was crying on my first day of kindergarten, so was my mom.