Monday, July 1, 2013

sunday morning...

Erikboy watched me sneak Robs' gift inside on Saturday afternoon. (He swore not to tell a soul.) He was so excited. And then on Sunday morning he woke up before Robs. (Before Squísh too. And myself.) He came into my room. "Mom!" he whispered, "Can I just go look at Robs' present?"

Robs' graduation from her old bike meant Erikboy's graduation into Robs' bike - and he'd had his eyes on it for quite some time. So when Robs finally woke up (fifteen ancient minutes later) we walked downstairs and Erikboy squealed something about "finally getting to see the bike!" (Robs tossed him a glare. She loves a good surprise... even if she knows it's coming.) It took three minutes for the two of them to look it over, thirty seconds to get dressed, and ten seconds to ceremoniously walk it outside. In under five minutes I had two pirates racing up and down the street... on a quiet little Sunday morning.

Robs says it's easier to climb the hill. And she's pretty thrilled to race Erikboy anytime he asks. And she put an orange sticker on the shiny little bell to match her orange bike.


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