Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thirty and flirty.

I love writing and I love documenting our life especially - seeing as it goes so fast. 

I started a new decade. I earned myself a new digit to put in front of the ones that vary from year to year. And seeing as it was something big, (and I like starting big things on Monday) it just seemed right. So I welcomed the new digit with open arms...

...which is also good, seeing as it was inevitable. 

Thirty is happy. Thirty is thriving. And I welcome the experience it brings. My life is a good place right now, even with new decade, a broken metatarsal and braces. I'll take the security of thirty to the insecurity of earlier years. And the husband. And the pirates. And the family. 

(But I wouldn't mind if the thirties slowed up a bit. The dern twenties ran right past.)


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