Monday, June 10, 2013

just. so. nice.

I was so excited to run today. And when I told Robs the plan she was pretty thrilled to hear it involved her bike too. (I don't usually run with all three but I needed to this morning.) Luckily, exploring before eight o' clock is novel to all of them, so I didn't hear any complaints. I grabbed a water bottle, promised them breakfast as soon as we got back, and started off. I run terribly slow right now... but I don't mind. It's just. so. nice. At one point Robs had to pass me on an uphill and Erikbear turned around to see if I was still running. But Squísh's frog hat looked so darn happy, and the thrill of having two complete feet kept me inspired. So I finished the hill like the under-qualified steam engine I currently am, and kept thinking how nice it was  just to be moving. 


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