Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Squísh loves cars. Squísh loves trucks. Squísh loves trains. And anything Erikbear loves. But Squísh loves books too. And dolls. And the piano. And anything Robs loves. Which makes sense because she's two. But sometimes when she's trying to claim the toys they're holding, it drives my older pirates crazy.  I try to explain she's two and that she'll grow out of it - and then help them negotiate with another toy. (Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.) She's feisty and forces my pirates to think on their toes, but if you ask Squísh to name her very best friends, Erikbear and Robs come first. Every time.

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  1. I love two. I really do. And I love her. If we ever get Grace and Mae together, oh.my. :)