Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Running is still off limits. (I'm hoping it'll be back by the end of June... which will make it six long months. That first run will be pitiful and amazing - all at the same time.) But no running means I cycle every morning. Erikbear and Squísh have our routine down. Erikbear hands me a water bottle and asks if I'm going to do my workout. (He already knows the answer.) We choose one show that lasts twenty-two minutes. (Some days if they're especially antsy, they watch two.) Afterwards they come downstairs and play blocks, or cars, or store... it's our routine. And it works. (I'm so glad to have that bike.) But I'm excited for the routine to involve a running stroller and a park... and summer mornings.  

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  1. 22 minutes? sounds like netflix :) You're amazing, by the way :)