Thursday, May 30, 2013

Park City

I spent Friday evening in Park City with four of my five sisters (we missed you Becca!) and my mama. It was delightful... even though it was freezing. And it was delightful... even though the lift was closed. But mostly it was delightful because I spent the evening laughing with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. 

Even though the lift was closed, we hiked up the mountain a little... it was beautiful! Historic Main Street was gorgeous too. It had been over ten years since I'd been to Park City - but it made me want to come back with Steve. And warmer weather.

My sister (who is a babe) and the shoes I wore all around Park City. I have no shame. (They glow in the dark too.) And under those bright colors there is a very, very, stubborn metatarsal.

Historic Main Street was pretty quiet - but we window shopped like it was our job. Towards the top of the street we turned into a side street and found a giant set of steps and a glass elevator that led to an upstairs hallway. We took the elevator up to the hallway, but it smelled like something funny, so we left it at that. Anything can be fun with these sisters (and mama!) of mine.


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