Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yesterday on our way to school we noticed the yellow tulips in our yard. They'd bloomed, finally - and they were gorgeous. It felt like Spring! "Pirates!" I declared, "I love all things yellow!" Robs was pretty pleased as she was wearing a yellow shirt. And Erikbear pointed out some yellow bushes. And then we discussed how maybe I didn't love all things yellow. Just gorgeous yellow things. Yellow is happy.

And then Squish woke up this morning with an exploded stuffy nose. She wasn't happy about it at all - and it was still dark outside which made everything ten times more groggy. After cleaning her up, I laid down next to her but she was done with sleep. She sat next to me while I closed my eyes, read a book, played with my hair, and asked for a tissue every five minutes. Poor girl. 

But on our way to school this morning we saw the yellow tulips. Yellow is happy. And tomorrow is May first. And winter is over - along with everything that came with it. And I'm so excited for warm. 


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