Monday, April 1, 2013


I took a hiatus last week. I was grumpy. And I've learned it's best not to say anything when I'm in a disposition. And then to top it off I was intensely restless. I had an x-ray scheduled for Friday and I wanted/needed it to be good. I wanted to hear the doc say "Go treat yourself to a nice long run" and then wave goodbye to the office staff I'd never see again. Secretly, I knew it was next to impossible, as I have not at any point in time stayed off my broken metatarsal. (I have tried and failed miserably, but life continues to dance... and I can't not dance.) 

So when the doc said "five more weeks, and then we'll take another x-ray" I laughed. I said goodbye to the office staff ("See you in May!") and then I cried in my car. Just really quick though... because I had an easter party at Robs' school that I didn't want to miss. And really...  crying does nothing. 

So I drove off and turned on the radio. Kelly Clarkson was singing about things not killing you - letting them make you stronger and such. It resonated with my troubled soul. (Amen!)

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  1. That stinks!! I'm so sorry, and I cant even imagine you not running.
    Funny how country songs have a knack for saying what needs to be heard at times.
    I love you and hope the next 4 weeks go quickly!!