Thursday, March 14, 2013

'stagrams and Mr. Lincoln

Robs checked out a book from her school library titled "Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass - The Story Behind an American Friendship." (It's one hundred and nineteen pages long if you include the index.) I'm on page forty-nine (I've enjoyed every one) and have decided that Lincoln firmly has my vote. (Steve's been reading a book on Kennedy - but for him I can't say the same. I'm sure his mother loved him.)  

Apparently Abraham Lincoln was deliberate. He had less than one year of formal education. He took three years to study for and pass the bar. He relentlessly thought questions all the way to their solutions, and according to his law partner, "Lincoln was 'pitiless and persistent in pursuit of truth' because he was little influenced by others and preferred to work out his own conclusions."

I read this whilst sitting in the sunshine, resting my metatarsal and watching my pirates play. It was like the heavens had gone and opened themselves in the form of text on a page. It was the little influenced by others part, and the preference to work out his own conclusions that really got me thinking. 

As I watched my pirates, all happy in the sun, I decided I wanted to be more like Lincoln - because it seems a recipe for success. (He was President of the United States, after all.) And if I try for all of those redeeming qualities, the pirates are bound to pick up some of them. 

Technology. Pinterest. Blogs. Instagram. They bring a lot of good. But as of yesterday Abraham Lincoln inspired me to be more of my own woman. I think there's a whole lot of strength in being my own self, finding my own conclusions and I think it'd be fun to one day be described as pitiliess and persistent in the pursuit of truth. 

Thank You, Mr. Lincoln.

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