Monday, March 18, 2013

good things

Last week Robs informed me, matter-of-factly, that Christopher Columbus was not real. (I laughed.) I asked where she'd found her information. (A boy at school.) Then I asked for a trade. I'd give her better info, if she'd hand over the fake stuff she had. She agreed and we went to Wikipedia. We found the basics and then some. (And then one google search later we found a picture of my brother, his debut in a Musical about Christopher Columbus, and the darling hat he wore.) It was educational (the facts) and awesome (the hat.) So yesterday when Erikbear tried telling my mom that Christopher Columbus was not real, a well-educated Robs quickly stated otherwise. 

The pirate's grasp on all things spiritual and all things physical are very much complementary and interwoven. Their reality is a sum of their entire environment: family, bicycles, school, teachers, the great outdoors, stories they read, the good heavens above and every one of it's divine occupants. I try to keep track of it, but consider it the foundation of a well-rounded grasp on reality. Knowing there are angels around us, and that the Savior of the world is very much interested in our daily activities can only be a good thing. (Finding that hat picture was a good thing too.) 


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