Wednesday, February 20, 2013

thirty six degrees

Yesterday it was warm. (High thirties! Low forties!) Erikboy was so relieved. "MOM!" he said, "IT'S SPRINGTIME! We can be outside!" But we were out of yogurt. And bread. And running dangerously low on cheese... and life without those three items almost constitutes a crisis. (Although not nearly as severe as when we're out of spinach, apples or milk.) So we had to make two stops, and by the time we got home it was even warmer. We put our groceries away, made three sandwiches, left a pile of dishes in the sink and went outside to ride bikes. It was lovely. Erikboy shouted something about it being the "BEST DAY EVER" and Squish chatted up a storm. (Something about the snow... but I didn't catch all of it.) Right before we left to get Robs, a neighbor stopped by to laugh with me about my broken foot, and I remembered I had a dish of hers. As we went inside to get it I also remembered the pile of dishes I'd left in the sink and I was a teensy bit mortified. But then I decided not to be. (And went back outside to ride bikes. Again.)


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