Monday, February 11, 2013

the weekend and monday.

We had warmer weather last week. And then it snowed again. And over the weekend I gimped around Costco on crutches a total of two times. Both times I gimped right past the motorized cart. I am grateful for my strong, reliable underarms. They support me so well these days... 

I played hide and seek again. (They say when you fall off a horse...) But I kept all nine in-tact metatarsals in-tact. And then our favorite Steph in the whole world surprised us with a care package. I loved everything in the box, and loved the surprise! Squish loved the voice changer and quickly claimed it as hers. (...think seagulls in Finding Nemo.) 

We made pizza on Friday and Squish could hardly stand the suspense. She pulled up her stool and watched the entire baking process. It was adorable. She's two and she's lovely. And most of the time she thinks she's six.

This afternoon Erikboy and I were discussing the finer points of "stock versus custom." He couldn't remember which one meant "fancy," so I let him think it through for a bit. He talked himself into a circle. "Bear," I said... (Because I call him Bear.) "I think it's the other way around. Custom means fancy and stock means regular.
He paused for a moment, and said "ohhh...." And then he paused again. "Mom," he said, "You're custom." I'm going to put that on a Valentine. 


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