Friday, February 8, 2013

a crazy week.

On Monday I broke my foot. (In a spiral shape, with a three millimeter shift. It was my first one. Why not make it good?) On Tuesday a doc told me I'd need surgery. (I don't like surgery.) On Wednesday I had to be in a zillion different places at once, but cut it back to approximately two. (Crutches make everything slightly more complicated: doors, purses, puddles, winter coats, pirates...) On Thursday I took a second opinion. (No surgery!) And today I'm waiting to hear back from the tie breaker. (And then come to grips with, at least six weeks of no-running.) Boo.


  1. After three children with broken bones, I have a few ideas about surgery/no surgery too. Call me if you need another 2 cents ;)

  2. After all the crazy things that you've done with your feet in the last fifteenish or so years, I find it a little more than ironic that it's three children and a game of hide and seek that breaks you. And I'm so sorry about the running. And the pain. And the crutches. And the obligations. Don't watch Downton Abbey. It'll make you want servants to take care of your obligations for you :) Maybe you'll get a cool cast? or a sweet boot? or a motorized scooter? call me if you need anything from the south!